HitPoint and Legacy Interactive teamed up to develop one of the first Project Tango titles to hit the market! In the first chapter of Crayola Color Blaster, Zombies appear in a player’s house the must be blasted with Crayola colors to before the Zombies steal all your color! Additional chapters and themes will be released in the near future. Check out the game trailer here:

And download the game here for your Project Tango device!

Big news for HitPoint, we are excited to announce our two recently released mobile titles: Seaside Getaway: The Hidden Object Adventure and Little Dream Home! Check them out below!

Seaside Getaway: The Hidden Object Adventure


Play the most relaxing hidden object game around! Seaside Getaway is a sleepy town by the ocean in need of some revitalization. Help the Mayor by finding hidden objects in fun scenes around town, all while building up a seaside town of your very own. As the new City Planner it’s up to you to bring tourism and fun back to the area!

Best social mobile Hidden Object game with a map to build a town and to decorate! Besides land plots, it also has beach and water plots to expand. Graphics of the scenes and the items are amazing! This game is my most favorite, I’m completely hooked and I’m going to be a long term player.


Seaside Getaway - HitPoint Inc.

Little Dream Home


Little Dream Home is a virtual family sim game where you can organize your house, have children, advance in your career and play tons of minigames! Play on Facebook, iOS or Android!

I love how there are different rooms and I love how there are different people in the house. It’s just like Sims but even better. I definitely approve of this game. It’s just so fun.



Big news from here from HitPoint! We have relocated from our rural digs in Amherst to the big city and we are officially on location in Springfield. We’re very excited to be here but it was a big relocation for us to pack up all of our equipment and make a big move once again. Springfield affords us many new opportunities, especially being in close proximity to so many young tech companies like us.

We’re excited for what the future holds!

We’ve also got some great press since we’ve moved here. Check out the articles below: