HitPoint Studios Delivers Family-Friendly Paint-Flinging Fun to Color Your World; Aims to Enhance Traditional Backyard Play

GREENFIELD, MA: September 20, 2017 – AR/VR, mobile and casual game developer and publisher HitPoint Studios today announced the launch of Color BlastAR, an all-age Augmented Reality game that leverages Apple’s new ARKit technology to bring zombies, other creatures and lots of color into your world. Color BlastAR is free-to-play and available to download today in the App store.

Color BlastAR was created in partnership with Legacy Games, which previously released a version of the game exclusive to the Tango platform, Crayola Color Blaster, developed by HitPoint Studios as part of the Google App Incubator program. It is one of several projects on which the companies have collaborated, including the upcoming Kody Kapow: Village Defender for Universal Kids.

Playable on any Apple phone or tablet featuring an A9 or higher processor and running iOS 11, the new ARKit version takes the game one step further, letting players fight off a paint-stealing invasion either indoors or outside in full sunlight. A combination of coloring and tag, the gameplay of Color BlastAR is only possible when your mobile device understands its position relative to the world around it. The game utilizes the unique world-sensing, computer vision ARKit technology in order to integrate motion tracking and depth-sensing directly into the gameplay while transforming the world with virtual flowers, rocks, treasure chests and more.

“We believe AR will change the way people play, learn, and interact with brands and the world around them. And, given the ubiquity of the iPhone and iPad, Apple’s ARKit could be the platform that really gets true AR in everyone’s hands,” said Paul Hake, CEO of HitPoint Studios. “We’ve spent more than two years working with these world-sensing technologies, including our work on Tango, and are truly excited by the possibilities of bringing characters and objects into our world and interacting with them versus being more of a spectator.”

Things really come to life in Color BlastAR’s ‘Arcade’ mode. Virtual, life-size 3D characters appear and follow the player, who must then walk around to avoid the growing hordes of paint-stealing characters while flinging color to vanquish them. Additional content packs are planned to add new characters, power-ups, BlastARs, leaderboards and new ways to score. The game also has a ‘Story’ mode that lets players progress through the game to defeat the rhyming wizard before he steals all the world’s color.

“What makes games like Color BlastAR important is that accessible augmented and mixed reality represent a real evolution in traditional play and player engagement,” said Ariella Lehrer, CEO of Legacy Games. “What kid hasn’t wanted to walk up and interact with a life-sized zombie or superhero? What game developer hasn’t wanted to be the first to deliver that experience? When virtual characters can play along with us in our world, we can reimagine almost every traditional game, from sports to board games to dramatic play.”

Color BlastAR is available today and free to download in the Apple App store. For more information, please visit


About Legacy Games

Founded in 1998 in Hollywood, California, Legacy Games is a full-service app developer and publisher, with a culture of collaboration with our clients and single-minded focus on quality. Legacy is expert at combining brands, such as Crayola, Tarzan, and Criminal Minds, with cutting edge technologies, resulting in innovative business solutions. Clients include Google, Intel, HP, Lenovo, and others. For more information about Legacy Games, visit

About HitPoint Studios

Founded in 2008 and based in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, HitPoint Studios is a privately-held, experienced game studio and work-for-hire team that develops and publishes high quality games. The company specializes in AR, VR, mobile, and casual games for a wide variety of platforms and audiences. Popular HitPoint Studios titles include Adera, Seaside Getaway, Crayola Color Blaster, Kody Kapow and the Fate series. To learn more, please visit



Color BlastAR trailer:


HitPoint and Legacy Interactive teamed up to develop one of the first Project Tango titles to hit the market! In the first chapter of Crayola Color Blaster, Zombies appear in a player’s house the must be blasted with Crayola colors to before the Zombies steal all your color! Additional chapters and themes will be released in the near future. Check out the game trailer here:

And download the game here for your Project Tango device!

Big news for HitPoint, we are excited to announce our two recently released mobile titles: Seaside Getaway: The Hidden Object Adventure and Little Dream Home! Check them out below!

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Best social mobile Hidden Object game with a map to build a town and to decorate! Besides land plots, it also has beach and water plots to expand. Graphics of the scenes and the items are amazing! This game is my most favorite, I’m completely hooked and I’m going to be a long term player.


Seaside Getaway - HitPoint Inc.

Little Dream Home


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I love how there are different rooms and I love how there are different people in the house. It’s just like Sims but even better. I definitely approve of this game. It’s just so fun.