HitPoint is a top-tier game development studio based in western Massachusetts. Our talented team excels at crafting games that people genuinely love to play on mobile, AR/VR, and social platforms. Over the past 7 years, we’ve developed dozens of top-ranked casual games and have grown our audience to over 5 million players with over a billion gameplays.

Our services include:

Platform development: iOS, Android, Samsung GearVR, Project Tango, Google Cardboard, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Web and Facebook.
Development on the following engines and frameworks: Unity, Flash, Starling, Cocos2D, DirectX, OpenGL, and several proprietary engines.
Backend development: Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3/Cloudfront, DynamoDB, RDS, Cognito), SQL, mongodb, Java/Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Azure.
A full in house team: engineering, art, QA, community support, marketing and production.

Check out our games: