The Secrets of Arcelia Island

Lift the witch’s curse to save your father and escape the island!

The Secrets of Arcelia Island

Software.Informer Editor's pick award

Greta grew up listening to her father’s fanciful bedtime tales about a mystical island inhabited by a village of peaceful island-dwellers. The island’s forests were ruled by a fairy king and queen, and if you found yourself in the ornate palace high on top of the snow-dusted mountain at the center of the island, you could see just about everything. Now a young adult, Greta finds herself cast from her father’s boat and tossed onto the shores of an island that should have been childhood myth. She wakes up alone — her father is nowhere to be found, nor are any of the boat’s crewmembers.

Venturing around the island to look for her father and the crew, Greta quickly finds herself in the midst of an altogether fantastic cast of characters plagued by an even more unreal witch with a Machiavellian thirst for power. Help Greta to survive the island and thwart the curse which threatens the island’s inhabitants.

  • Destroy four cursed pearls to free the island and rescue your father and crew
  • Hidden Fantasy / Lost Island Adventure
  • Hidden Object / Puzzle Adventure Game
  • Available on PC / Mac and coming soon to iOS devices


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