Fate: The Cursed King

Hack, slash, and cast your way through exotic dungeons on your quest to lift the curse of T’Kala.

Fate: The Cursed King

The bestselling FATE series returns with a brand new chapter! As the hero of FATE: The Cursed King, play through an exotic new realm full of surprises. Fight your way through vast and varied dungeons on your quest to break the terrible curse that threatens your home. Customize your skills completely between magic and melee, and recruit AI-controlled allies to fight beside you!  Will you break the curse, or will the city of Ekbatan be forever doomed?

New to the game is the party system, brand new weapons, spells, and armor, and several exciting Facebook features which allow your friends to hire your character to serve as an ally on their own adventures. Combat items can be traded via Caravan exchange, allowing one adventurer’s trash to become another adventurer’s treasure.

  • Fourth in a series of best-selling dungeon delving adventures
  • Beware the curse of T’Kala and unlock 4 dungeons brimming with monsters and treasure
  • Customize the look of your hero and pet in near limitless combinations
  • Trade weapons and armor with friends through a free Facebook app


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