Solving Difficult Problems Through Customized Solutions

HitPoint is a full-service software developer that solves complex design and engineering problems, builds engaging games and apps, does rapid design and prototyping, and intelligently applies new technologies for the purpose of achieving a client’s objectives.

HitPoint’s core competencies include computer vision technologies, multi-platform app development, connected devices, hardware and software prototyping, content management tools, and location-based games and experiences.

Game Development

HitPoint's robust multi-platform development tools mitigate risk and ensure success.

Augmented Reality

HitPoint Studios is a leading expert in computer vision and world sensing technologies.

Wearables and Connected Devices

HitPoint has worked on all major IoT platforms - smartwatches, headsets, Bluetooth, RFID, voice assistants.

Research and Development

From designing new AR use cases in retail to innovative gameplay, your ideas become reality.

Clients and Partners


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