Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a set of technologies that superimposes digital data and images on the physical world. Though still in its infancy, AR is poised to enter the mainstream and disrupt companies in every industry. All businesses need to understand how to employ this technology in order to engage customers, train employees, design products, make decisions, manage value chains, and ultimately, compete in the marketplace.

Experienced on every mobile AR platforms, HitPoint understands just how wide-ranging the changes are underway.

  • We developed numerous “use cases” of AR in retail, with some of the largest tech and retail entities in the nation. Using detailed store scans extracted from Tango hardware, we directed hundreds of customers to the specific product they requested, displaying relevant virtual coupons along the way. The customer response surpassed our expectations!
  • We created a Google Tango and Apple ARKit app to explore the fun factor in “walk around” games that integrate physical space and virtual characters into the gameplay.  Called Color BlastAR, it was a runner up in the Google Play Indie Festival, 2017.
  • We designed an AR “Treasure Hunt” experience with the MGM Casino to engage and retain casino customers.
  • We created a lively multiplayer ARCore game on Google’s AR platform to demonstrate new gameplay mechanics utilizing challenging Google Cloud technology.