Game Development

HitPoint Studios is one of the largest independent game studios in Massachusetts, now with offices in Los Angeles. Its talented team of 25 engineers, designers, and artists have together shipped more than 100 apps and games, on every major operating system and engine, including iOS, Android, Amazon, ARKit, ARCore, Tango, Unity, Unreal Engine, Vuforia, and HTML5.

5 Key Reasons to Work with HitPoint Studios:

  1. Extensive Experience. The HitPoint team has 10 years of experience developing more than 100 games and apps. We are experts at Unity.
  2. We Hit Our Deadlines. HitPoint’s recent HTML5 Facebook Instant Game title, Star Wars: Porg Invasion, was designed and developed for Disney and released in under 9 weeks, right in time for the launch of the new Star Wars movie.
  3. Engineering Excellence. HitPoint attracts top-quality engineering talent from the 5-college consortium in Western Massachusetts. Many of our engineers have graduate degrees in Computer Science.
  4. High Profile Licenses. With an office in LA, and together with our sister company Legacy Games, HitPoint has successfully developed apps for most of the major studios, including NBC Universal, Disney, Dreamworks, CBS, A&E, BBC, Paramount, and Warner Bros.
  5. Our culture is open and transparent. Clients are invited to participate in all of HitPoint’s communication channels used for project management, including Slack, Confluence, Jira, etc. We also have weekly team meetings, and much more informal contact, especially during crunch times.

Mobile Games

HitPoint has developed titles on all of the major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows.

HTML5 Games

HTML5 is the future of the web. HitPoint pushes the limits of HTML5 and achieves surprisingly robust gameplay.


HitPoint's proprietary Content Management System provides clients with simple, powerful tools for real-time updates.