Research and Development

HitPoint provides prototyping services for a variety of companies including game publishers, educational institutions, and toy companies. Design services include:

  • Writing Game Design Documentation (GDD).
  • Designing connected toy experiences.
  • Creating Technical Design Documents (TDD).
  • Creating concept scenes and character art.
  • Creating prototypes, animatics, and sizzle reels.

All our game and app development includes rapid prototyping and iteration. We playtest with both paper and digital prototypes at multiple stages of development, taking the learnings from these sessions back to designers and engineers in order to sand off “rough edges” and validate existing designs.

This process allows us to interact both internally and with external testers throughout development, tuning such factors as usability, play time, fun factor, win/lose balance, replayability and in order to look for unknown issues.

With new technologies in particular, user testing with actual, real-life consumers is an especially important part of designing and implementing apps that achieve their intended purpose. For these projects, we do hands-on user testing as early as possible to straighten out crossed wires and smooth speed bumps, adapting our design and our prototypes as often as necessary to ensure the high level of quality that HitPoint is known for and its clients insist upon.