This morning, ADERA is a top story on VentureBeat! Read it here:

HitPoint Studios is unveiling its Adera puzzle-adventure game that is targeted at what could be a very big platform. The game will debut on computers running Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system as well as the Microsoft Surface tablets coming this fall.

The game is an episodic, puzzle-adventure title that will take full advantage of features such as multitouch controls, accelerometer (tilt) controls, and Xbox Live for Windows. It is one of a whole slate of games being announced today for the new Microsoft platforms, which are aimed at reviving PC gaming and related tablet play. Microsoft will publish this game which is being developed by Hatfield, Mass.-based HitPoint, said Jim Hawk, producer at Microsoft. It is clearly a sign that Microsoft knows that great games can make or break any new operating system or technology platform.

We have a nice spread of game screenshots featured on PlayXBLA, as well. Follow the link to see them all:

And we’re mentioned in this Gamezebo article as well — ADERA Episodes 1, 2, and 3… but we’re developing another title on this list as well. (Secret!) Bonus round: can you see the other HitPoint game being plugged in the image deck to the left and right of the article? We’ll give you a hint — it starts with an S and ends with ecrets of Arcelia Island.

During E3, Editor-in-Chief Jim Squires stuck it to Microsoft for neglecting Windows 8 as a gaming destination. Well it seems the company was listening (that’s our story and we’re sticking to it). Just prior to writing, company spokesperson Major Nelson took to his blog to announce 40 titles headed to “any Windows 8 PC, laptop, or tablet” beginning October 26th. Microsoft fans? Your casual games have arrived.


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