GeekWire has an extensive article up about ADERA, with lots of exclusive new information and great commentary from our partners at Microsoft:

It’s Myst meets Lost meets Lara Croft on Windows 8 — with a virtual reality twist.

That’s one way to wrap your head around “Adera,” a hidden-object mystery game that will unfold like a television show on Microsoft’s new operating system, in a series of episodes across multiple seasons. Part of a portfolio of games being released on Windows 8 under the Xbox Live brand, Adera is designed to appeal in part to adult women who wouldn’t normally be heavy Xbox Live gamers.

Microsoft gave the first public preview of the game during the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle over the weekend. Developed by HitPoint Studios and published by Microsoft, Adera has elements of a casual game, revolving around a series of hidden-object challenges and puzzles. Adera also has the characteristics of a Hollywood production, with a mysterious story line told in part through eye-catching cinematics.

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  1. Gerald Celotto on January 17, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    I love Adera this game kept me playing and I played both episodes of Adera, and I am still playing this game even as I type this message to you. I want to see this game come out on the xbox360 it is a good game it kept me thinking as I was playing both episodes of Adera. Now! I am waiting for the 3rd episode of Adera. This is a great game.

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