Pocketables has the coverage on Adera’s latest episodeEscape Into Light. 

The game is to Windows 8′s touch interface as Solitaire was to Windows 3.0′s GUI – a fun, entertaining way to learn the basic mechanics of the OS. But unlike Solitaire, Adera features a fun story, great gameplay, and beautiful graphics. I’m already looking forward to Episode 4: Tower of Visions.

Adera is available on the Windows Store now!

Adera Episode 3: Escape Into Light

Image via pocketables.com

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  1. Michael DiRoma on March 2, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Dear Adera Designers;

    I’ve played Adera through once, I’m on my way through a second time one level harder
    and I plan to keep going through everything. It’s a great game (I have 150 Big Fish Games) so this is right in my ballpark. The graphics are superb and I love the puzzles and HO’s. Please keep them coming and expand the types of games… Truthfully I was thinking of Mac’ing out until this game came out, you saved the Big Mike.


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