HitPoint teamed up with Microsoft and Dreamworks to develop Dragons Adventure World Explorer for Windows phones and tablets. Based on the popular “How to Train Your Dragon” films, this game put the kids in the driver’s seat. From PC World:

Dragons Adventure’s Training Mode taps into the location awareness features of Windows devices to modify your immediate surroundings into an extension of the fictional Isle of Berk where the game and the Dragon movies it’s based on take place. Real-world conditions like street layouts, points of interest, weather, and the time of day are replicated by the game so that the journey you’re taking on your dragon approximates the real one you’re taking in the car.


Local destinations integrate right into the game landscape, while the actual climate and time of day are represented within the game. You can also explore real cities around the world with dragons taken directly from the movies. That long summer car ride has never been more fun!

Dragons Adventures World Explorer is free from either the Windows Phone Store or the Windows Store.

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