CEO of Legacy Games, Lehrer to Focus on Augmented Reality (AR) Opportunities with Long-Time Development Partner

GREENFIELD, MA: October 10, 2017 – AR/VR, mobile and casual game developer and publisher HitPoint Studios today announced that Ariella Lehrer, founder and CEO of Legacy Games, will be joining the studio as president, effective immediately. The move follows a multi-year development partnership between HitPoint Studios and Legacy Games in which titles including the BBC’s Jane Austen for Facebook, Crayola Color Blaster for Tango, and the recently released Color BlastAR and Kody Kapow: Village Defender both for iOS11 ARKit, were co-developed.

As part of this transition, Lehrer brings to HitPoint Studios an active product pipeline, while Legacy Games will maintain its evergreen game CD-ROM business with customers such as Walmart and distribution of its mobile games for iOS and Android.

“After more than two years working in AR, we’re just starting to scratch the surface of what will be possible with these new platforms,” said Paul Hake, CEO of HitPoint Studios. “As technologists, we’re always striving to explore new ways to engage our audiences in meaningful ways. Ariella’s business and product savvy, and overall vision for our industry positions HitPoint to become a leader in AR, a burgeoning ‘new frontier’.”

Founded in 2008, HitPoint Studios develops mobile, casual, and branded games with a focus on Augmented Reality experiences. Part of the thriving greater Boston-area AR/VR hub, HitPoint Studios has developed critically-acclaimed launch AR titles for both Tango and ARKit, as well as self-publishing one of the first ARKit games (Color BlastAR), and launching the beta of the Android version of its rich puzzle-adventure game, Adera (which will be featured by Google October 13), all within the last twelve months. The team is already working on its first ARCore game. Additionally, the studio runs the backend game operations for three of the biggest mobile game publishers, as well as its own products.

“It’s really remarkable when, after a rich and varied career building successful businesses in this industry, one can get reinvigorated and inspired by new technologies, and the opportunities they present to reimagine play,” said Ariella Lehrer, CEO/co-founder of Legacy Games and President, HitPoint Studios. “I believe that AR will be transformative, and I believe Paul and his team to be true vanguards in the areas of AR and cloud platforms.”


HitPoint Studios Highlights:

  • September: Launched Color BlastAR and Kody Kapow: Village Defender (NBCUniversal Kids) for ARKit. Color BlastAR made several Top ARKit App lists and Kody Kapow was featured by Apple.
  • October: Legacy Games’ CEO Ariella Lehrer joins the company as President. Launches Beta version of its puzzle-adventure game Adera, to be featured by Apple on October 13th. Releases significant update to Color BlastAR on October 19, featuring Halloween content, new Story chapter, new characters and ARKit optimization.
  • HitPoint’s Work-for-Hire revenue more than doubled since 2016. Currently working on a yet unannounced AR retail project with a major company.
  • HitPoint Studios’ independent games have been downloaded and played by more than 20 Million people worldwide on platforms including mobile and Facebook. Including their work-for-hire games, that number jumps to well over 50 Million.
  • The studio’s games have been nominated for multiple awards which include winning the 2015 NAPPA award and being a 2015 KidScreen “Best Smartphone App” finalist.
  • HitPoint currently manages the backend game operations (live ops) on its own titles, as well as those of three major mobile game publishers. Collectively the games managed have over 2 million DAU.

“As someone with a background in child development and learning, I’m excited by the possibilities AR presents in the areas of play, education and training,” continued Lehrer. “And as cloud and AI technologies come online, I can’t wait to explore uncharted areas of both games and real-world experiences.”

Kody Kapow: Village Defender and Color BlastAR are currently available and free to download in the iTunes App store. Kody Kapow: Village Defender is also available for Android on the Google Play Store. For more information, please visit

About Legacy Games

Founded in 1998 in Hollywood, California, Legacy Games is an app developer and publisher of casual games, with a culture of collaboration and single-minded focus on quality. Legacy has worked with notable brands such as Crayola, Tarzan, and Criminal Minds, combining them with cutting edge technologies, resulting in innovative business solutions. Past clients include Google, Intel, HP, Lenovo, and others. For more information about Legacy Games, visit

About HitPoint Studios

Founded in 2008 and based in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, HitPoint Studios is a privately-held, experienced game studio and work-for-hire team that develops and publishes high quality games. The company specializes in AR, VR, mobile, and casual games for a wide variety of platforms and audiences. Popular HitPoint Studios titles include Adera, Seaside Getaway, Crayola Color Blaster, Kody Kapow and the Fate series. Additionally, HitPoint Studios also provides game operations services for several industry leading clients representing 2M+ DAU. To learn more, please visit

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