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General Announcements

HitPoint Open House!

All are welcome to attend the HitPoint Open house! On Thursday, October 10, at 7pm, HitPoint will throw open it’s doors to the public. Tour the studio, attend a Q&A session, compete in one of our various activities, enjoy a light snack, and check out our new space in Amherst! Five College students, local businesses,…

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We've Moved!

We made the plunge and moved to Amherst. We’re not close to chicken coops anymore, but we are right near The Hangar, which is basically chickens. Our new address is: 101 University Drive, Suite A6 Amherst, MA 01002  

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Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures Now Available!

Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures is now available for download in the Windows Store! Tinker Bell is the newest resident of Pixie Hollow, and she’s doing her best to leave a lasting impression on the fairy world. After discovering her talent, Tink invents, builds and repairs new contraptions to make life easier for her fairy friends.…

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Adera Episode 3 is Released!

Pocketables has the coverage on Adera’s latest episode, Escape Into Light.  The game is to Windows 8′s touch interface as Solitaire was to Windows 3.0′s GUI – a fun, entertaining way to learn the basic mechanics of the OS. But unlike Solitaire, Adera features a fun story, great gameplay, and beautiful graphics. I’m already looking forward…

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The heat is on! GeekWire covers ADERA

GeekWire has an extensive article up about ADERA, with lots of exclusive new information and great commentary from our partners at Microsoft: It’s Myst meets Lost meets Lara Croft on Windows 8 — with a virtual reality twist. That’s one way to wrap your head around “Adera,” a hidden-object mystery game that will unfold like…

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ADERA announcement featured in VentureBeat and more

This morning, ADERA is a top story on VentureBeat! Read it here: HitPoint Studios is unveiling its Adera puzzle-adventure game that is targeted at what could be a very big platform. The game will debut on computers running Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system as well as the Microsoft Surface tablets coming this fall. The game is…

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ADERA slated for release October 26th

The cat’s out of the bag! We’re very proud of the ADERA team, who worked very, very hard to make this title happen. Shoulders were dislocated, incredibly long weeks were worked, and many, many, many cans of Redbull nobly sacrificed themselves to a higher purpose. The game looks GREAT and the team is hard at work…

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