Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a set of technologies that superimposes digital data and images on the physical world. Though still in its infancy, AR is poised to enter the mainstream and disrupt companies in every industry.


Experienced on all mobile AR platforms – such as ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Lenovo Mirage, OpenCV, and Occipital – HitPoint has deep knowledge of the potential as well as challenges of Augmented Reality.

HART – Cross-Platform AR Middleware

HitPoint Studios has developed an extremely useful multi-platform tool called HART – HitPoint AR Technology. HART provides access to native AR features in the leading AR platforms, using a unified C# interface. As a result, HitPoint’s engineers can efficiently exploit the best features of each of the various AR technologies, while implementing once cross-platform.


We can’t share them all, but see below for a sampling.

  • HitPoint partnered with Caesars Entertainment to create a set of augmented reality mini-games for a new bar experience in The LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas. Played on the bar coasters, these AR sports games included cutting edge, real-time multiplayer gameplay across separate devices.
  • HitPoint developed numerous retail use cases of AR with Walgreens and Google. Using detailed store scans, HitPoint determined the most efficient path through the store using AR, displaying relevant virtual coupons along the way.
  • HitPoint created a ARKit, ARCore, Tango, and Lenovo Mirage app to explore the fun factor in “walk around” AR games. Crayola Color Blaster integrates physical space and virtual characters into fun, paint-splatting gameplay.
  • HitPoint worked with the Explore Interactive group to create an educational circuit building app with physical cards and intuitive AR controls.
  • HitPoint designed an AR “Treasure Hunt” experience with the MGM Casino to engage and retain casino customers.
  • HitPoint updated the popular Disney Magic Timer toothbrushing app to include surprising AR character interactions.

Caesars Entertainment AR sports games

Augmented reality in retail

Walgreens wayfinding and promotions

Augmented reality game

Crayola Color Blaster


Explore Interactive circuit builder

Augmented reality wayfinding navigation

MGM Treasure Hunt


Disney Magic Timer