Research and Development

Research and development is an important part of HitPoint’s DNA, allowing our engineers to stay on top of new technologies and potential solutions for our customers. Through our R&D and prototyping services for game publishers, toy companies, and enterprise customers, we can test new use cases, products and/or technologies. Our customers utilize the results in order to make informed product decisions.

When designing a product or prototype for its clients, HitPoint’s mantra is TEST and ITERATE. Playtesting is done with both paper and digital prototypes as early as possible in the product life cycle, adapting the design as often as necessary to ensure the high level of quality that HitPoint is known for and its clients insist upon.  HitPoint employs both internal and external testers, tuning important metrics such as usability, engagement, retention, fun factor, and win/lose balance.

Are you interested in testing some new technology or potential use case with your customers? If so, contact us about creating a prototype for you. It is a very cost-effective way to make important business decisions.