Meet Our Team

With over 25 engineers, artists, designers, and producers, HitPoint is one of the largest independent video game studios in Massachusetts, now with offices in Los Angeles.

Paul Hake


Since HitPoint’s inception, Paul has led the day-to-day operations at the studio and currently oversees the development of all of HitPoint’s independent and work-for-hire projects. Paul has a diverse educational background in computer science, graphic design, and business, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Since HitPoint’s inception in 2008, Paul has led the day-to-day operations at the studio. As CEO, Paul currently oversees the development of all of HitPoint’s independent and work-for-hire projects and directs business strategy. Paul has a diverse educational background in computer science, graphic design, and business, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Ariella Lehrer



A well-known game industry veteran, Ariella founded three game companies over the past 30 years. As President of HitPoint Studios, Ariella is focused on the creation of serious games and unique use cases using Augmented Reality. Lehrer has a PhD. in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and writes frequently about technology and kids on her blog:

Andrew Duncan

Creative Director


Andrew was Lead Producer for AR title Crayola Color Blaster and Game Designer/Creative Director for Kody Kapow Village Defender for Universal Kids. One of the creators of the TimePlay® interactive gaming platform that allows hundreds of people to play games together on big screens in movie theaters, Andrew designed and produced over a dozen games for this platform.

Kevin Kohler

Director of Engineering


Kevin received his M.S. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts and has been lead engineer on many games, including Disney Fairies: Hidden Treasure, Seaside Getaway, and Words in Space. He has trained, managed, and grown engineering teams across a broad range of platforms, game styles, and disciplines.

Eric Ciocca

Lead Engineer


Eric has a M.S. Degree from the University of Massachusetts in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He loves to tinker with hardware and software and has worked on difficult computer vision projects for Hasbro, Google, PTC, and Persuasive Games. 

Pat King

Project Manager


Pat's work includes crossover between audio, design and production, spanning from a recent launch of interactive music videos in VR using Google Cardboard, to designing/producing the award winning games The Secrets of Arcelia Island and AXE: MotoX.

Steve Forde

UI/UX Director


Steve has led the visual and usability design on Hell Marys, Seaside Getaway, Fablewood, Dragons Adventure World Explorer, and briefly Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures. Steve has also been instrumental in the design improvements to Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies for PopCap.

Eli Nachtman

Game Engineer


Eli has been instrumental in the development of three of HitPoint’s most recent AR projects, including the studios independent connected-toy project, The Keepers: Fairies of the Hidden World. Eli has also been working on the AR aspects of a series of toy prototypes HitPoint is developing for a major toy manufacturer.

Melissa Frechette

Game Engineer


Melissa started working with HitPoint Studios in 2018. She makes great tea.

Andrew Wilkinson



With a BS in Computer Science from Umass and Masters in Game Design, Andrew has been a valuable engineer on HitPoint’s AR projects including Color BlastAR and Dragons Adventure World Explorer. Now a producer, Andrew's experience as an engineer means he knows how to talk game design.

Jacob Muehlberg

Game Engineer


Greenfield native with the power of pushing buttons.

Nate Meltzer

Game Artist


Nate is an illustrator, designer, and chronic dabbler. And despite what you may have heard, he is 100% human.

Patrick Lee



On top of being a producer on several of HitPoint's AR projects, Patrick also handles the social media accounts, distribution aspects, and game localization.

Isaac Gibbs

Game Engineer


Isaac is a seasoned full stack engineer who's worked in various different fields wearing several different hats.

Joel Esquilin

Game Engineer


Joel is an engineer who got started working with HitPoint during his time at Hampshire College where he graduated with a BA studying Computer Science and Game development. He's skilled in the playing and development of many different games.

Trevor McEwen

Game Designer


Starting his career in AAA console titles, Trevor would later shift his focus to mobile, helping companies launch and maintain various F2P titles for high profile clients like Warner Bros/HBO, NBC/Universal, CBS, and Skybound. He’s also WAY too into gardening, you’ve been warned.

Alec Ray

Game Engineer


Alec is a programmer, artist, and electronic musician who converts large quantities of coffee into code. Between playing and building games, Alec has been immersed in the matrix for his entire waking life. Alec holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.

Caitlin Yarsky

Art Lead


Caitlin is a game artist and animator with a BFA in Illustration from RIT. She also writes and illustrates comic books, plays music and will ask to pet any dog within reach.

Jason Mott

Engineering Manager


Jason pursued a software engineering career during the dot-com boom, developing a skill and reputation for taking on difficult projects. He became an in-demand freelance software engineer, while also writing articles for tech magazines and giving talks at tech conferences. 10 years into his career, he founded Ronin Tech Collective, and served as its President, and Chief Software Engineer for nearly 10 years. Jason is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Health and Learning, located in Brattleboro, VT.

Todd DeMelle

Art Director


Todd's game art career began in 2003 at Turbine Inc where he began as a concept and production artist and went on to hold Art Director roles for Dungeons and Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online. Todd began contracting as an Art Director for HitPoint in 2019 before joining the team fulltime in 2020. In addition to game art, Todd's interests include the study of large-scale collaborative development, tinkering with technology and dadding. Todd has an MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.